Saturday, October 10, 2009

Food Stuffs!

So I posted a number of recipes in my "Game Day: Foods" post at the pond - if you like food/recipes I hope you do look at it, especially the blooming hibiscus cocktail.

Next... I made a new "pesto"/paste/spread.
[Ok so I wouldn't treat this recipe as gospel since... I don't usually go with measurements. I eyeball stuff. I also googled a recipe - there aren't many- and adapted it to what I wanted. The recipe called for basil too - but I thought that might be a bit weird. Of course you can add whatever flavors you like. I think maybe some flat leaf parsley would add a nice depth - or topping the spread with sun-dried tomatoes...]

1/2 c Edamame, a medium sized clove of garlic, half a teaspoon of salt, 1/8-1/4 tsp red pepper flakes... and I'd say 1/8 c olive oil. Next time I'm going to try to go with some sesame oil too to push the "Asian" flavors. But considering how strong that is, I'd say at most a teaspoon of sesame oil. Oh, and it was pretty chunky and I wanted a smoother spread, and didn't want to use more oil, I added in almost 1/4 c water.

I can't stop eating it. I spread it on a toasted bagel - but I think it'd be great with pita chips too, or toast, bruschetta...

So no, it's not super complicated or uber gourmet- but... it's good. And really easy.

Er, I used my mini food processor to make it. I'm pretty sure it'd work in a blender too. :) I hope you enjoy!